Monday, November 22, 2010


At our last meeting we created fun bookmarks and had fun with our white elephant book exchange.  Our wonderful mentor mom Gail shared the importance of reading God's word and discussed different translations of the Bible.  She also discussed reading the Bible to your children and shared a great version by Elsie Egermeier called Egermeier's Bible Story Book.  She also talked about different ways to study the Bible such as listening to the Bible being read aloud. She mentioned the site Daily Audio Bible.  You can click on Listen Now on the right hand side and then select the red icon.  The audio readings are broken up daily so it may be a great thing to start in the upcoming year! 

Monday, November 15, 2010

Mom's Night Out

Tomorrow night is Mom's Night Out!  To see a list of showtimes you can visit Kearney Cinema's website.  Don't forget to bring your own bowl for free popcorn!  If you would like to carpool, please be at the church at 6:20 pm so we can leave around 6:30 as the first show begins at 7 pm.

Friday, November 5, 2010

MOPS Meeting Today

We were very blessed to have Judy Wortley speak to us today about Building Self Esteem in Children.  Judy's passion has been working in Children's Ministry and she was very knowledgeable on this topic.  We were so fortunate to have her share with us!  If you missed today's meeting you can check out some resources she mentioned on ways to show unconditional love and teaching your children positive character traits by visiting the links below.
Excerpt from How to Really Love Your Child by Dr Ross Campbell
Operational Definitions of Character Qualities (as found in the Character Bookshelf Series game, Character Clues)
Why Character Qualities are Important (Adapted from "Character Clues" game created by Institute of Basic Youth Conflicts)
For more in depth information on teaching your children some of these character qualities you can also visit: The Character Journal.
See you at our next meeting on November 19th for Bookmark crafts!  Don't forget to bring one of your favorite books that you would be happy "exchanging" for someone else's favorite during our Book Exchange!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Resource for Moms

Just wanted to share a new site that Barnes and Noble has launched.  They have teamed up with a group of Early Childhood Experts and have created a great website for parents and will continue to post new articles monthly.  And since it's Barnes and Noble-of course they will give you helpful suggestions for the choosing the right toy or book for your child!  Kid's Expert Circle
If you have school age kiddos you may also want to check out the wonder of the day at Wonderopolis which was created by the National Center for Family Literacy. 

Blog Launch

So here is the first post on our MOPS blog!  We hope that this will be a resource for all of our moms that may have misplaced their MOPS schedule or have found it is now a beautiful piece of child art-and you can no longer read the dates through the black marker!  Life as a mom is sometimes a bit hectic and hopefully this site will help keep you updated on all things MOPS -and maybe a couple extra fun things too!