Saturday, February 26, 2011

Going "Unplugged"

At the last MOPS meeting the topic and discussion was centered around going "unplugged" in your household.  A challenge was presented to limit (or eliminate!) the time your children spend in front of the TV or computer.  In this month's MomSense magazine there is an article written by Carla Foote called TV-Free Fun where she says her children "survived and even thrived without the TV".  National TV Turnoff week is April 18-24, so why not limit the time now and see how it goes?  In April when it's nice and kids can go outside-give it a try-go TV free!  See if they (and you!) can go without it for a whole week!  Jim Trelease, author or The Read-Aloud Handbook also has a great brochure on his website called The Connection Between TV and School Scores that gives even more reasons for you to shut off the set. There is another great article on called The Great Unplugged Challenge which shares sucess stories from families.  This is also a great site for finding fun activities to do with your kids as well.  Another great site with ideas is, as well as  There are so many others out there!  Leave a comment and share some of your favorite links that help you make the most of the time you spend with your children. :)

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  1. This site has a great "activity finder" where you can search by age and category.